San Francisco Dog Walking

 Our professional dog walking service offers carefully supervised, on and off-leash dog walks in dog-friendly, San Francisco parks and beaches. Dogs are leashed in areas that require leashing. We maintain happy dogs by keeping the scheduled walks around the same time each day. Dog groups "packs" range from 3-8 compatible dogs. Off-leash dog walks are approximately 45-60 minutes of play time and exercise. We sometimes stay out slightly longer since we have so much fun exercising the dogs. We strive to exercise your dog while you are busy with life's obligations. A tired dog is a happy dog!

We take the health and safety of all dogs and people seriously. We carefully screen dogs for group walks for behavioral compatibility based on age, activity level, play preferences, social skills with dogs, and social skills with people. Small dogs, senior dogs, large dogs, high-energy dogs are grouped in compatible dog walking groups. We strive to ensure all dogs in our group setting are comfortable around both other dogs and any people they may encounter. Dogs are transported safely to and from the home in a climate-controlled vehicle.

Dog Walking Rates

All prices are per dog. Clients are purchasing a set spot in the group for their dog(s) off-leash walks. Feeding and filling water bowls is included.

5 days a week

Monthly Plan Rate



($32 per walk)


4 days a week

Monthly Plan Rate

Mon-Thur (no Fri) or
Tue-Fri (no Mon)


($33 per walk)


GPS Tracking

Astral Dog Walking offers GPS-tracked dog walking. GPS dog walking enables dog guardians to see the fun locations their dog visited on the walk. After the walk is completed, clients receive a map outlining the walk route including date and time stamps.


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