What is dog walking?

It's an ongoing lifestyle service for busy dog guardians where we take your dog out for exercise while you are busy supporting your daily responsibilities. E.g. childcare, job, household

How does this work? What are the initial steps?

We'll setup a Client Screening "meet and greet" to get to know you and your dog. There will be lots of questions from us on your dogs history (behavior, health, likes/dislikes and socialization) and we'll answer any questions you have. We'll develop a contract with you and welcome the new addition for a test period to ensure compatibility. We'll proceed with a test walk to make sure we have a compatible group dynamic. Your dog will remain on-leash during this test walk.

Where do you walk my dog?

We venture out to the many locales within the city of San Francisco. Some favorites are Fort Funston(GGNRA),Golden Gate Park, Ocean and Baker Beaches, Crissy Field, Stern Grove, Upper Douglass Dog Play Area, as well as leashed walks in the neighborhood.

I wish to be able to change my schedule frequently for walks, is that available?

Safety and enjoyment of all the dogs together is our main priority. Our clients are purchasing a set spot for their dog(s) in the dog group. We screen for compatibility, age, energy levels, temperament to ensure your dog is with similar dogs for it's walk, run, or game of fetch. Since we have limited spots available and we wish to maintain group safety dynamics, we cannot switch around schedules on a regular basis. We can try to accomodate a monthly plan change in days, pending availability. Astral Dog Walking does offer special "short notice walks", "weekend" or "holiday" walks based on availability. These are usually for those times outside the normal schedule such as early mornings or late nights at the office, date nights or catching a sporting event or concert. We'll drop-in for your dogs bathroom break or short walk as well as feeding, and filling water bowls. Please see the Other Services page for more information on "short notice walks", "weekend" or "holiday" rates.

It says the rate is fixed, does that mean if I don't use a day it is still billable?

Yes, with an exception noted below. Fixed rates work similar to how a gym membership works. As a service, you pay up front for the service, and if you don't use all of the service it is still billed. E.g. you don't get refunds for days you don't use the gym membership. We work the same way, you don't get refunds for days you don't use your monthly plan.
Vacation Policy: You can "paws" your service for one month by paying our Monthly Holding Fee instead of the fixed monthly plan rate. The holding fee retains your dog’s spot in the pack and walk time. Spots may only be held for one month.

How do I pay?

Your invoice will be sent electronically for your review with payment due per date noted on invoice. Invoices can be paid online from anywhere with a debit or credit card or banks "bill pay" functionality. Please consult your bank for more information on available options. We do not accept applications for payment like Paypal, Venmo. Manual payments via a personal or cashiers check are also accepted.

How long is the walk?

Group dog walks are approximately 45-60 minutes of play time and exercise. We sometimes stay out slightly longer since we have so much fun exercising the dogs. A tired dog is a happy

Does the walker give my dogs treats?

Yes! Your dog will receive treats as positive reinforcement of good dog behavior (e.g. coming when called, playing nicely with other dogs, sitting while being leashed and while removing leash etc.). We use grain-free, meat-based treats and human grade food as treats(e.g. plain cooked chicken breast). If your dog has food allergies, we'll be sure to note that in our Client Meet and Greet and will ensure your dogs health needs are carried out.

I see Astral Dog Walking is certified in dog walking. What does that mean?

Astral Dog Walking employees meet or exceed the local regulations for certification and licensure for commercial dog walking. Dog walking is mostly an unregulated industry however, San Francisco and some surrounding cities do have regulatory requirements for commercial dog walkers. Astral Dog Walking welcomes, supports and meets training, certification, insurance and licensure requirements to keep your beloved pets safe while in our care.

How will you enter my home?

We require two modes of entry for your home. One is for the regular walker to use and one is for the backup walker. We can use client provided keys, a client provided code for the lock or check out keys from a concierge desk. We'll determine the best method during the Client Screening meet and greet.

Are there vaccination/flea medication requirements

Yes, to ensure the health of all dogs, vaccinations are required. All dogs must be current on vaccinations and must be on a flea preventative medication. Proof of vaccinations will be required and may be periodically requested in the future.

What time do you pick up and drop off my dog?

We start picking dogs up at 9AM and everyone is home by approximately 5PM. We cannot guarantee specific walk times, but we try to accommodate requests wherever possible.

What days do you offer walks?

We offer scheduled walks Monday through Friday, except major holidays. We require a minimum commitment of 4-5 walks per week. If you have a special need for a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) or holiday, we try to accommodate requests when possible, please see the Other Services page for more information.  

We offer dog boarding any day of the week including holidays and weekends.

See our Calendar and Hours of Operations

You mentioned picking up poop, do you offer that service for my yard?

We currently do not as a regular service but may add this as a regular service in the future. However if you are in a situation where a physical disability prevents you from performing this activity, we try to accommodate requests when possible. Please see the Other Services page for more information.

How many dogs are in a group?

Dog Groups "packs" range from 3-8 compatible dogs. We want to maintain a safe and enjoyable experence for your dog. We also want to be responsible dog walkers and be able to pick up all the poop from the whole group.


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