Other Services Rates

Express Visit/ Puppy or Senior Check-in:

We can perform an express visit to provide your dog with a short potty break, feeding and filling of water bowl and some social time with a person while you are busy with daily obligations. Timing is subject to where you are located in our service area. We can discuss details during a Client Meet and Greet.


Short Notice/ Unscheduled Walk:

Got a late night at the office, need to attend a concert or sporting event? Let us help with your dog walking needs. Astral Dog Walking focuses on scheduled walks during regular business hours M-F, 9-5pm. Outside of regular business hours, we strive to accommodate client's dog walking requests when possible based on availability.


Holiday / Weekend Walk:

Have a holiday celebration to prepare for or attend ? Need that extra relaxation time on the weekend after a full week of life's obligations? Astral Dog Walking strives to accommodate client's requests for weekend and holiday dog walks based on availability. Please give us a call to see how we may help you exercise your dog during holidays or weekends.


Pick up Poo in Yard:

We know how a mobility issue can impact the ability to keep your dogs outside area clean from waste. If you are a client experiencing mobility or other physical issues that prevent you from cleaning your dog's outside area of waste, contact us. Astral Dog Walking will accommodate your needs based on availability. We strive to help our clients and their dogs stay happy and healthy.


Solo Walk:

Do you have a dog who you prefer to be walked solo? Or maybe your dog is unable to walk in a group setting? Contact Astral Dog Walking to assist in your dog's exercise needs. Based on availability, Astral Dog Walking can perform regular, scheduled Solo Walks for your dog.


Drop off at Veterinarian or Groomer:

Astral Dog Walking can help you get your dog to a pending appointment when you are short on time. We offer this pet taxi service if the appointment falls within a timeframe that doesn't conflict with the regularly scheduled walks. We drop off the dog(s)and the client picks up. We are happy to discuss timing needs, give us a call.


Client Vacation Monthly Holding Fee:

Everyone needs a vacation once in a while and you don't want to lose your dog's spot in the pack. Astral Dog Walking offers a vacation holding fee available to use for one month of the year. You can "paws" your Monthly Plan service for one month by paying a Monthly Holding Fee instead of the fixed monthly plan services rate. The holding fee retains your dog’s spot in the pack and walk time. Spots may only be held for one month. Client Vacation Monthly Holding Fee may only be used once per year.



Contact Us for more information on solo dog walks, weekend dog walking or other services